Hi, we're Meeko. A digital product design agency.


Meeko is a team of digital product experts focused on building products that are simple, easy to use and beautiful. 

We help organisations with branding, UI/UX design, mobile app design, and custom web development. We work with enterprise, startup, and small businesses across a wide range of industries.

Meeko is a full-service UX design agency that creates powerful user experiences by collaborating with customers to clarify, design, and develop products that make sense.


We believe that an effective design‑led strategy starts with an in‑depth discovery phase to understand your business. We conduct stakeholder interviews, users research, competitor analysis and consolidate content. From this we are able to uncover an action plan that will build a holistic brand and user experience for your product.

Brand Identity

Your brand directly impacts how your customers feel. Brand is bigger than a logo and colour palette, it is making a system that is consistent across every touchpoint your customer interacts with.

User Experience

We go beyond creating a beautiful user interface design in order to achieve the ideal user experience for your audience. Our UI/UX design agency is focused on understanding your audience’s needs, wants, emotions, behaviours and interactions. This means we create digital products that integrate usability and your brand’s personality.


At Meeko, we have an in‑house development team available for building custom websites and web applications. We have also partnered up with full-stack engineering teams, that our designers work closely with.


We are a web design agency that focuses on integrating user experience and brand through websites that tell your story. Our web designers and developers deliver responsive websites that are intuitive and powerful. Whether you are looking to troubleshoot, upgrade, redesign or completely rebuild your website, we do it all.

Mobile App Design

Whether you are building a mobile application on iOS or Android, simple or complex, our team of UI/UX Designers are equipped with the expertise to help you design a beautiful native app.

Enterprise UX

It is more important than ever to build business software that people love using. We revolutionise legacy enterprise systems and convert them into refreshing, user friendly and delightful B2B products.


What do you specialise in as a UI/UX product design agency?

At Meeko, user experience is at the core of everything we do. As a UI/UX design agency our focus is on mobile apps, web applications, and enterprise software. Our UX projects can be anything from starting a product from scratch to redesigning an established app or legacy business system.


We believe that a great mobile app or website design should not only provide a delightful experience that is true to brand but it should also convert visitors into customers. A good user experience leads to higher conversion rates. We don’t just stop at web design or app design, our UI/UX projects have extended to physical product designs like the work we did for Mercedes. 


How is Meeko different from other UX design agencies?

We understand that there are many capable UX agencies in Australia alone and even more around the world. With such a high standard out there, being unique is important.


So how does Meeko stand out? Well firstly, we believe in quality above all. We make sure the digital products we create not only look awesome and are on brand but they are also easy to use. The people who help make your project come to life are the second part of the puzzle. You will working with a holistic team of senior designers, developers, and other specialists.


The final piece is that we are not your traditional UX design company. We relish in the opportunity to bring together product design and creativity with the one team on the same project. Meeko combines branding and UX all in one place.

Can you help with web design and development?

For sure! Your website is your story. Making sure it is tailored to your brand whilst keeping up with the latest web technologies is super important. Every new project we take on, we aim to try something new that will push your brand forward. 

Are you able to help me with my branding or is this something I need to find separately?

We would love to help you with your branding. As a branding agency we centre our focus around tech companies and digital products. We have also helped with creating visual identities for physical brands too. Our strengths cover but aren’t limited to research, brand strategy, visual identity, communication design, and style guide creation.

What are the costs to hire you for a UI/UX design project?

Every project is unique and depends on the scope, timeline, objectives and team structure. Once we have learned as much as we can about your project, we usually provide a detailed proposal and work with you on a fixed contract. We can also work on a time and materials basis when your project is dynamic or there isn’t a clear scope. This in mind, all our estimates are based on the number of hours we think it will take. 


I have a legacy enterprise system/B2B software, are you able to help with the redesign?

Yes, of course. Our expertise on transforming legacy business software is something we are proud of. We have a keen focus on starting with a full understanding of your industry and project specifics. From here we are able to conduct user research, UX design, prototyping, and user testing. We work independently from large organisation bureaucracy and this allows us to move fast with your in house UX teams.

What kind of process does your UX agency typically follow?

We like to keep our UI/UX design strategy to be flexible by using design thinking methodology. This means we can adapt to your unique requirements. With this in mind, we like to follow these key design phases:


Discovery & Research

First step is to access all available documents and schedule workshops with your team. In these sessions, we will have the opportunity to understand requirements from key stakeholder interviews and start planning the next steps. We also like to speak to your current or potential customers to get a picture on their needs and pain points. We also use this time to review your competitors and find industry best practices. If applicable we will audit your existing product for improvements.


Strategy & Concepts

Once we have come up with a deep understanding of what is happening and possibilities, we are able to outline a strategic path and define our UX design process. These are validated with your users and stakeholders before we get the green light on the designing.


UI/UX Design

Once the concept is good to go ahead, we get stuck into the design phase. During this step we constantly conduct user tests and iterate as we go.


Learn more about our process and deliverables.

What are the steps to get a proposal for my project?

Please reach out via email with your project summary and we will get in touch with you to schedule an introductory call to understand your goals, audience, budget, timeline and anything else that may be important. We are happy to sign an NDA if necessary as we are focused on client confidentiality.


Once we have received your documentation including your design brief, requirements, past designs, etc, we will email you a detailed proposal and can schedule a video call to go through it together.